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Latest News courtesy of NZSA

Covid-19 Security Update – Licences, PPE, Training and Tax Payments

We apologise for the bombardment of emails however from feedback received it appears that the regular update of information is valued and we will continue to provide regular updates as required. Security Licence Update We have today received advice from the PSPLA regarding licence applications, see below: “My team are now going through all applications […]
27/03/2020 12:13

NZSA support for ensuring continuity of security labour resource for our members

Whilst today’s business environment is extremely challenging, we in security are one of the fortunate business sectors to be deemed an essential service and with some degree of certainty for our businesses and employees. Demands on our services will differ business to business and sector by sector however we are already seeing an unprecedented demand […]
27/03/2020 12:09

Covid-19 – Security Update re Essential Services

Essential Services update Government provided an update to the essential service definitions at 1pm. It includes the following: “Security is considered an essential service, even if security services are being provided in relation to premises for a non-essential service”.
27/03/2020 12:07

Covid-19 – Your Security Questions Answered

Earlier today we issued a guidance document confirming that Security Services are defined as an Essential Service. We appreciate that there is not a lot of supporting detail at this time and our contacts within Government advise that this is still a work in progress and they are currently working on setting up a call […]
27/03/2020 12:04

Covid-19 Update

As you will be aware the situation regarding Covid-19 is a rapidly evolving one. The NZSA has implemented a range of measures to ensure continuity in the level of service provided to our members. Our work with regulators, government, standards development, qualifications authority, media comment and providing advice and support to our members will continue […]
24/03/2020 11:37

NZSA Newsletter – March 2020

CEO’s REPORT Welcome to our March 2020 newsletter. One of the biggest challenges for any association is how we communicate with our members and the wider industry. Whilst social media currently holds focus for many, we have found that some of the “old-fashioned” communications tools such as this newsletter and our regional visit programme achieve […]
04/03/2020 13:21

NZSA newsletter – January 2020

CEO’s Report Welcome to our January 2020 newsletter. Hopefully Christmas and New Year have treated you well and the focus is now on ensuring a successful 2020! From the NZSA’s perspective we are looking forward to the coming year with considerable excitement as we introduce three new member benefit programmes (refer below), continue to expand […]
21/01/2020 08:23

NZSA Award to LSV recipient

The NZSA are proud to be a supporter of the LSV programme and present the NZSA Award at the end of each six week course. This award is the NZSA Award for demonstrating outstanding qualities for the security industry – initiative, empathy and going the extra mile. The first recipient of the NZSA Award is […]
02/12/2019 11:33

NZSA newsletter – November 2019

Welcome to our November 2019 newsletter. In our May newsletter I opened with commentary on the tragic events that occurred in Christchurch on the 15th March and referred specifically that our “she’ll be right” attitude towards security left us vulnerable to some form of attack and that it was only a matter of time before […]
12/11/2019 14:33

ASIS NZ Chapter Meetings

Regular meetings and events are held each month and are often open to non-members. In addition to hearing from speakers on a wide range of security related issues, these meetings are a great opportunity for networking.

We intend to have a wider mix of academic presenters delivering findings from local and global enterprise security risk management research and cross-sector interest groups such as NZISF and ISC2 to ensure a holistic approach is applied to our work.

Meeting invitations are emailed to members and others who have subscribed to the ASIS New Zealand Newsletter prior to each meeting. Details are also listed here on the ASIS New Zaeland website, and are featured on the ASIS New Zealand Facebook page and LinkedIn page. Please add and follow 'ASIS New Zealand' on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up to date with news and events. 


  2020 ASIS New Zealand Events:

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. As always, ASIS remains your trusted partner all year long—so please know that you can register for ASIS events with confidence.

If you are unable to attend due to COVID-19, we have you covered.



No meetings scheduled at this time



Breakfast meeting Auckland - 19th February (Click here for more information)

Thank you to Lincoln Potter who presenting an informative session!

The minutes and presentation slides are now available for chapter members to download.

Members can access the meeting minutes and download a copy of the presentation by logging in to this website and selecting' Chapter Minutes and Accounts' in the members only pages (remember - log in first so that the members only pages become visible to you). 


Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 27th February (Click here for more information)

Thank you to Ferdinand Hagethorn for your fascinating presentation.

The minutes and presentation slides are now available for chapter members to download.

Members can access the meeting minutes and download a copy of the presentation by logging in to this website and selecting' Chapter Minutes and Accounts' in the members only pages (remember - log in first so that the members only pages become visible to you). 



Special evening event - ‘Woman in Security’ Auckland

Friday 6th March (click here for more information) 

***ASIS NZ wishes to thank the wonderful speakers, support partners, attendees and guests who participated in the Women of Security Special event which took place Friday 6th March***

Cancelled: Wellington lunchtime meeting – 26th March (please click here for cancellation notice)



Breakfast meeting Auckland  - 15th April

Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 23rd April



Breakfast meeting Auckland  - 20th May

Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 28th May



Breakfast meeting Auckland  - 17th June

Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 25th June



ASIAL 2018 Security Exhibition & Conference

(A number of members attend ASIAL each year therefore we will not be hosting any chapter meetings)



Breakfast meeting Auckland  - 19th August

Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 27th August



Breakfast meeting Auckland  - 16th September

Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 24th September



Breakfast meeting Auckland  - 21st October

Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 29th October



Breakfast meeting Auckland  - 11th November

Lunchtime meeting Wellington – 19th November


Certification Dinner – EVENING EVENT

27th November, for all certification holders.



2020 Annual General Meeting – 2nd December – 4pm (No presentations)

ASIS NZ Christmas event


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