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How supportive training empowered a security company

By John Son

What is the recipe to an engaged and empowered workforce? It has a lot to do with how much you support and train your staff, as Ten7 Security is showing.

The Otara-based company has made huge efforts to put training at the heart of its culture, and the results so far prove this is a wise approach. In particular, Ten7 has invested heavily in literacy training and support. This is to make sure its staff have the reading, writing, and other fundamental skills needed to make the most of their training – a common challenge in the security industry.

Workplace Literacy Fund provider Aspire2 has been the driving force behind the initiative. Aspire2 worked with Gloria McGirr, an independent consultant and workplace assessor, to develop Ten7’s literacy programme. Combining literacy and security expertise has enabled Aspire2 to effectively deliver a uniquely customised programme to Ten7.

“Ten7 employees work through a mountain of training material that can be very daunting. I work with them to develop their confidence and understanding,” Gloria explains.

“It’s great that Ten7 really want to help their staff not only pass the compulsory security training, but also really understand what the legislation means.”


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10/08/2017 15:58

Businesses worried by robbery

An armed robbery in Hastings on Friday has left neighbouring businesses worried.

The aggravated robbery at Stortford Lodge TAB, Heretaunga St, occurred at 9.55pm on Friday after two men entered the premises and threatened staff with a firearm.

Joy Bel Superette owner Tarsem Singh said he felt worried and concerned by the incident which was very near his store.

“It’s very sad. I’ve got a bad feeling, it’s never happened here before.”

Mr Singh lived behind his store and now felt unsafe locking up at closing time of 7pm.

He had owned the dairy for about 17 years and the only other incident like this he remembered was when the chemist across the road had its front glass broken about six years ago, but he did not think anything was taken.

“It’s a good area, nice people live here. It’s normally a really nice neighbourhood.”

An employee of a nearby business, who did not want to be named, said there had been a few incidents such as arson and theft at nearby businesses recently but that had been youths and this seemed much more sinister.

It was a worry for all nearby and she now always made sure she was vigilant with safety and security.

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31/07/2017 11:07

‘Please Help’ app aims to prevent crime through technology

A Rotorua-born technology initiative lets Android smartphone users raise the alarm and get help if they are in trouble.

The “Please Help” app, launched at Steam restaurant in Rotorua last night, will initially be targeted at businesses, with the hope of moving into the wider community.

More than 40 people attended the launch and became the initial testers for the app.

Toi Ohomai lecturer and Edutech owner Paramdip Singh said he had the idea for the app when he saw the level of crime in Rotorua.

“I thought we should be able to use technology to our advantage,” he said.

Singh saw the effect of crime when his friend’s liquor store was robbed.

“The man that was hit over the head was my student,” he said.

“I saw that it was more than the shop owners, but also our students that are at risk.”

When switching on the service, on icon opens that is easily accessible and remains on the screen throughout regular use – similar to a panic button.

Pressing the icon sends an emergency message to all nominated contacts and begins voice recording the surroundings.

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13/07/2017 12:46

Counting Crime: One in three Kiwis experience burglary

Recent research revealed about one in three people in New Zealand have experienced a burglary.

A shocking 63 per cent of those burglaries happened while people were away from home for less than 24 hours.

The research, carried out by Colmar Brunton and commissioned by AA Insurance, began with a survey of 1100 people across the country.

Of those burgled, 13 per cent were home when they were targeted, 23 per cent away for a short period, 39 per cent out for the day and 25 per cent away on holiday.

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15/06/2017 15:51

Counting Crime: Thousands of Northlanders victims of retail theft

Almost 3000 victims of retail theft – including armed robberies – have come forward to Northland police in the last three years, new crime figures reveal.

These include store owners and shop assistants left shaken and traumatised. Sometimes aggressive offenders threaten or injure staff before making off with cash or stock.

Even after offenders flee, it’s not over for the victims. The fear of another theft hangs over them. Often traumatised, some don’t return to work. Flashbacks can be triggered at the slightest reminder.

Owners lose money needed to feed their families and pay the rent. This has been experienced by many of the 2934 victimisations in less than three years.

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14/06/2017 11:15

Shots fired as armed robbers enter Auckland bar, threaten customers and escape with cash

Robbers armed with guns entered a bar, threatened staff and forced customers to lie on the ground.

Counties Manukau acting Detective Senior Sergeant Warrick Adkin said three people went into the Headin’ Home Bar on Ti Rakau Drive in Pakuranga armed with two guns about 12.30pm today.

There were about 12 customers in the bar at the time.

The offenders, who were disguised, threatened the staff and forced the customers to lie on the floor.

Shots were fired during the robbery, but no one was injured.

The offenders took cash and fled in a white car that was waiting outside.


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01/06/2017 13:45

Inside Story: Smoking gun

A rash of robberies at Tauranga dairies, service stations and liquor stores the past month have police pursuing leads and business owners tightening security. How are shop owners protecting staff and stock? Is selling what thieves target – tobacco – worth the risk? Bay of Plenty Times Weekend reporter Dawn Picken shows us how locals are bolstering businesses against crime.

Chief executive officer of the New Zealand Security Association Gary Morrison says a store’s layout and signage are important, too. He encourages advertising security measures such as cameras, using bars and grilles to restrict access, and having store owners work together. “…thinking about what they can do in regards to foot patrols. I don’t think that area is utilised as much as it could be…if businesses pool their resources, it’s more cost-effective.”

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The post Inside Story: Smoking gun appeared first on NZ Security Association.

31/05/2017 10:40

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Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023


ASIS New Zealand exists in a rapidly changing environment and needs to change to keep up.  Young people looking at moving into security management have a plethora of organisations to choose from, where they can gain knowledge, qualifications and contacts.  Our organisation needs to articulate who we are, what we offer and why we should be the choice for security management education.

Also, we know the organisation doesn't serve all New Zealand members equally:

  • There are no meetings for members outside Auckland
  • It's hard finding volunteer leaders
  • There is limited representation from IT security and big New Zealand companies
  • We lack diversity, making it harder to recruit

It's time to make decisions about the direction of the organistion, change what we don't like and create a sustainable ASIS NZ.   And it's important that you tell us what you think.  

We are writing a Strategic Plan for 2018 - 2023 to be presented at this year's Annual General Meeting.

This page will provide regularly updated information on the Strategic Planning process and seek your feedback.

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