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Latest News courtesy of NZSA

Determining the Business Proposition of Your Video Surveillance Solution

With the rapid advancement of video surveillance technology and its ancillary solutions, how can end-users and integrators realize the full potential of their present and future systems? This comprehensive webinar will not only examine the technology that is here and on the immediate horizon, but will discuss its capabilities, its proper applications and the business case for upgrading or installing a totally new solution into your facility. The IP-centric migration of video has users looking at options that can be confusing and expensive if they are not working in coordination with a solid systems integrator. Making an intelligent selection as HD, megapixel, 4K and 7K video technologies dot the landscape requires an informed consumer and a cooperative integrator. We will discuss the technology options, along with what sort of ROI these systems will display and what the expected TCO will be.

30/07/2015 09:17

Slain security guard Charanpreet Dhaliwal had no training

A young Indian security guard who was murdered on his first night on the job was sent there by his boss who never bothered to check his experience or training.

Charanpreet Dhaliwal, 22, was found dead in a pool of his own blood after being attacked while working on an Auckland construction site in November 2013.

A three-day inquest began in the North Shore District Court on Wednesday.

In 2013 Hateni Latu was found not guilty of Dhaliwal’s murder by a jury. He had name suppression when the trial concluded but that has since lapsed

CNE Security owner Cherag Elavia told Coroner JP Ryan he met Dhaliwal only days before his murder after the young man asked him for a job.

There was no work for him but on the night the employee who was supposed to guard the Fulton Hogan construction site asked for the night off as it was his birthday.

Elavia called Dhaliwal and asked if he wanted to work and to meet him at the site.

He took Dhaliwal’s word that he had worked in security previously at the Rugby World Cup but did not call his previous employers.

27/07/2015 12:16

Health and safety law changes

Changes to health and safety (H&S) laws are a step closer, with a select committee reporting its recommendations back to Parliament. The Bill is expected to be passed later this year and there will be some months before it comes into effect. During this time government will provide further guidance to help businesses understand what the new law means for them, so you will have plenty of time to prepare.

The aim of the law is to reduce the number of New Zealanders killed or hurt at work. In New Zealand on average 73 people die on the job each year and one in ten is harmed. These numbers are significantly higher than in countries like Australia and the UK, and must come down.

But this doesn’t mean your business will necessarily face a lot of new compliance costs. For many small businesses, little will change – especially if you already take a considered approach about how to keep those in your workplace safe and healthy.

27/07/2015 09:42

Inmate’s parents hire lawyers to investigate death

Lawyers have been hired by the parents of a prison inmate whose death is at the centre of a prison violence scandal with a view to laying a formal complaint with police.

Nick Evans died after injuries, including a ruptured lung, were inflicted during a violent incident in Mt Eden prison.

Glenn and Julie Evans have been in contact with police and instructed criminal barristers Matthew Goodwin and Martin Hislop – who represented Nick on his drugs charges – to act on their behalf and seek answers about their son’s death.

The claims of violence at Mt Eden went to a new level this week when Labour’s Kelvin Davis claimed the 25-year-old had been dropped from a balcony to a concrete floor inside Mt Eden. Nick Evans – in prison on drug charges – died a month ago after a ruptured lung led to pneumonia and the MRSA superbug meant antibiotics could not be used to fight the illness.

Questions have arisen around the cause of the ruptured lung that led to the illness which led to his death.

24/07/2015 10:39

New drone rules unveiled

A change in the rules around flying drones will come into effect next week and will prevent drones being flown in public spaces without consent and a safety plan in place.

The change to Rule Part 101, which requires drone users to have consent of people and property owners before flying a drone over them, will keep people safe, General Manager of general aviation for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Steve Moore said.

The new rules come into effect on August 1.

“These changes address the safety risks that modern unmanned aircraft pose to other airspace users as well as people and property on the ground,” Mr Moore said.

“Having a conversation with a property owner beforehand is an effective means of risk management because they are likely to have the best knowledge of the risks.”

People with drones who intend to fly over public spaces will also need to get permission from the land owner.

For example, if an operator wants to fly over a park, they will need permission from the local council.
24/07/2015 10:33

Specially-trained teachers needed for violent children

Designated staff members should be specially trained to restrain violent and unruly pupils, a leading secondary school principal says.

A taskforce is compiling guidelines for teachers and school staff when dealing with a child whose behaviour poses a risk to themselves or their classmates.

The working party’s guidelines are due to be released later this year.

Taskforce member and principal of Rotorua’s John Paul College, Patrick Walsh, said in his 30-year teaching career he had seen and heard of many violent incidents; including pupils bringing weapons such as hammers and screwdrivers to school, schoolyard fights and parents assaulting their child or other children on school grounds.

Walsh — an executive member of the Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand — said it was imperative selected school staff were trained on how to safely and legally restrain unruly children.

13/07/2015 09:11

Violence against hospital staff on the rise

Hospital staff are being punched, kicked, spat on, bitten and verbally abused daily on the job.

And the problem is getting worse, with figures obtained by the Herald on Sunday showing assaults have soared since 2010 when 817 doctors, nurses, orderlies and psychiatrists were attacked at work.

There were 860 incidents in 2011. That rose to 1,148 in 2013, the last full year figures were available.

They include a nurse from Tairawhiti DHB who was punched in the face and bitten on the arm while helping a patient go to the toilet; a Counties Manukau DHB doctor who was kicked in the groin; an aggressive patient who tried to kiss a Capital and Coast DHB staff member; and a Waikato DHB worker who was assaulted and abused for telling a patient not to smoke inside.

13/07/2015 09:09

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