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Latest News courtesy of NZSA

Honeywell technology first to proactively manage cyber security risk for industrial sites

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has launched the first digital dashboard designed to proactively monitor, measure and manage cyber security risk for control systems for refineries, power plants and other automated production sites throughout the world that are at increasing risk of cyber attacks.

The Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager, is designed to simplify the task of identifying areas of cyber security risk, providing real-time visibility, understanding and decision support required for action. It monitors and measures cyber security risk in multi-vendor industrial environments.



04/11/2015 11:34

Tyneside expert headlines global security gathering

A North East security expert has been invited to New Zealand to speak at a global conference on street surveillance.

Managing Director of North Shields-based 2020 Vision Systems, Peter Houlis, will be a keynote speaker at the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) conference on safe and secure cities, which takes place in Auckland next month.

Houlis will be joined by other world-leading security experts, including Jason Brown, national security director for the Thales Group in Australia, and US-based Miki Calero, founder of Urbis Global LLC.

29/10/2015 10:46

Houlis in NZ

A UK installer will be among speakers at the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) conference on safe and secure cities, in Auckland next month.

Managing Director of North Shields-based 2020 Vision Systems, Peter Houlis, will be alongside Jason Brown, national security director for the Thales Group in Australia, and US-based Miki Calero, founder of Urbis Global LLC.

Houlis, pictured, was a speaker at Professional Security magazine’s ST15 Newcastle event, in July. He said: “It is a huge honour to receive an invite to present at the upcoming conference. Being the only UK-based installation specialist and indeed the only one from Europe on the programme, is a special privilege. The NZSA is the preeminent representative body for the country and is hugely respected throughout the global security industry, so I feel very proud that I’ll be representing not only the UK, but more specifically putting the North East on the map down there.”

29/10/2015 10:44

Vivint latest big player to go ASAP

Vivint in late September started planning its ASAP to PSAP adoption.

“Vivint was told from this point it is typically four to six weeks before going live with the first PSAP,” Amy Becht, Vivint director of central stations, told Security Systems News. The ASAP program increases the speed and accuracy of transmitting alarm information by sending it digitally from the central station to the PSAP.

In the short term, the program does not affect much of Vivint’s account base. “We estimate that it probably impacts … less than one percent of accounts as far as the PSAPs that are onboard right now, but there’s still efficiency to be gained there,” Becht said. “It’s definitely worthwhile.”

“It’s not as much about what the program does for Vivint right now, but it is a lot about the future potential of the program—and not just for Vivint, but the entire industry,” Becht said.

By joining, Vivint hopes to encourage more involvement in PSAPs. “We know that getting more companies on board is key to growing PSAP participation,” she said. “This program’s success … is contingent on making it as attractive as possible to the PSAPs.”,257

21/10/2015 09:03

‘No justification’ for bouncer headlock caught on video

A security expert says there is “no justification” for the conduct of bouncers who rendered two men unconscious outside a Christchurch bar.

Police should investigate, he said.

Video footage supplied to Stuff shows two men arguing with security staff outside the Strange’s Lane bar precinct on Lichfield St on Saturday night.

After several minutes, the exchange becomes more heated and a bouncer places one of the men in a headlock. When his friend intervenes he is thrown to the ground, prompting groans from onlookers. Both men appear to lose consciousness and are put in the recovery position.

13/10/2015 09:44

Advanced Security Group plans to deploy semi-autonomous drones before year’s end

A future where drones streak through the skies over New Zealand cities to respond to security breaches at businesses and even homes may not be far away.

Auckland company Advanced Security Group plans to start using drones later this year on some commercial security contracts.

In these situations the drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as the industry terms them to distinguish them from military drones – would operate semi-autonomously, but there would always be a “man in the loop” to deploy and recall them.

06/10/2015 10:57

Health and safety: Providing protective gear

If you provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to your workers, here’s how to stay compliant when new laws take effect in April 2016.

As part of our ongoing series on the upcoming health and safety (H&S) reforms, this month the focus is on PPE.

Before providing PPE, you should first consider if there are better ways of dealing with the risk. Can the risk be eliminated – done away with altogether? If not, how can you control the risk, so far as is reasonably practical? Discuss any risks and steps to reduce them with your workers so everyone knows what to do.

In some workplaces, PPE will be the last line of defence – because you haven’t been able to eliminate the risk.

If PPE is needed, your business is responsible for supplying appropriate PPE. You can do this in two ways – by buying the PPE yourself, or through allowances added to your workers’ pay.

The cost of PPE must be covered by the business. Workers must take responsibility for wearing and using it properly. Some workers may wish to provide their own for genuine reasons of comfort and convenience – for example safety glasses with prescription lenses – but it remains your business’s responsibility to make sure it’s of an appropriate type and condition. It’s also your business’s duty to make sure PPE is well maintained, stored close at hand and correctly used when required.

24/09/2015 13:49

Major power failure or earthquake biggest risks to NZ

A major power failure or an earthquake on the Alpine fault or in Wellington are two of the biggest risks New Zealand risk managers worry about, according to a Risk NZ survey.

Risk NZ, the peak sector and professional body in New Zealand bringing together people and organisations managing risk, surveyed its members late last year.

They will be discussing the risks faced by New Zealand a year on at our risk forum in Wellington on October 13. The event, which is open to the public, will be concentrating on the thinking on the management of risk across a range of central government agencies.

24/09/2015 10:15

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