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Latest News courtesy of NZSA

Case cracked: Chinese security guard caught stealing hundreds of eggs.

Factory worker stole items every day he worked for more than a year

A security guard at a factory in China was found with a fridge full of hundreds of eggs he had pilfered from work.

The man, from Pinghu in east China, stole them from his factory canteen and carefully marked the expiry date on each one so that he could eat them before they went bad, reported the People’s Daily Online.

The 47-year-old thief was caught last week when he was attempting to transport two brand new suitcases he had stolen from the factory on his electric motorbike.

Police carried out a spot-check and were suspicious that he could not explain how or where he got them.

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27/05/2015 16:21

Alarm industry veteran develops DIY home security system

With the evolution of smart home technology and the proliferation of wireless-enabled devices, there has been plethora of do-it-yourself home security systems that have hit the market in recent years. While many of these solutions have been developed by those with backgrounds in various sectors of the high-tech industry, one that will be making its way into consumers’ homes later this summer called Abode was actually the brainchild of a former financial analyst who, after spending over a decade with both ADT and Tyco, decided it was time to branch out on his own.

27/05/2015 11:06

Police: Drunk man at concert hit 4 people with SUV; 1 dead

HUNTSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) ” A food vendor who was drunk at a country music concert started a fight, then got in his SUV with a gun and ran over four people, killing one, officials in Tennessee said.

Bill Jason Carson was intoxicated and started the fight near the Trace Adkins concert Saturday night, Keith Hawkins of the Scott County Sherriff’s Office told WBIR-TV ( Carson then retrieved his Toyota 4-Runner and a gun and started spinning the SUV, Hawkins said.

Witnesses said Carson hit an ATV and another car and then ran over four men, one of whom died at the scene. Two others were airlifted to a hospital.

Another person rammed into Carson’s SUV with a Jeep to stop him, and then security staff detained him, officials said.

27/05/2015 10:52

Heavy gunfire, explosions heard in Afghanistan’s capital

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) ” Heavy gunfire and explosions echoed through an upscale neighborhood in Afghanistan’s capital late Tuesday night, as police surrounded a guesthouse thought to be under attack by insurgents.

The firefight in the Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood, which is home to several embassies, sounded to be focused on the Rabbani Guesthouse. It began just after 11 p.m. (1830 GMT, 2:30 p.m. EDT), with heavy explosions accompanying sporadic automatic weapon fire.

Police could not be immediately reached for comment, though officers could be seen blocking off roads into the area.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which comes amid intensified fighting across many parts of Afghanistan since the Taliban launched their warm weather offensive a month ago.

27/05/2015 10:48

The 44 Security Products in the Benchmark Innovation Awards

Taking place at this year’s IFSEC International, the Benchmark Innovation Awards were devised to recognise and reward innovations that deliver tangible benefits to security professionals.

To allow installers and integrators to create such solutions, manufacturers must deliver innovations which both enhance the technological capabilities of their products and allow those developments to be implemented in a realistic fashion.

The security industry has never before enjoyed the sheer breadth of technological options that it does today. Gone are the times when manufacturers waited for older technologies to reach a low price point before they became commercially worth implementing.

As advances deliver ever-greater functionality, so the ability to integrate disparate security elements increases too. With the emergence of video analytics and other data-driven software the result is security systems that not only enhance security but bring commercial, added-value benefits too.

The Benchmark Innovation Awards recognise innovations that solve problems faced when designing and implementing a security solution, enhance security appreciably or boost operational efficiency.

21/05/2015 13:02

Students flee gunman at south Auckland high school

A man aimed what is believed to have been an air rifle at a student in Manurewa High School today.

At around 2.30pm, while students were walking home from exams, a green tatty-looking car screeched into the Gibbs Road entrance of the War Memorial Park carpark seconds after a group of about five teenagers sprinted through.

Two men, said to be in their mid-30s, were inside.

A student who was sitting at a playground near the carpark at the time, said the shooter looked as if “he wanted to kill”.

“We were sitting there at the swings and then this car just pulled up and a guy stepped out with one of those big telescope guns – like a rifle – and just shot at [the student].

“The shooter – man he looked angry as.”

Up to 20 students were said to be in the park at the time, all of whom were yelling at the student to keep running, “the man has a gun”, the student said.

“After, he jumped back into his car and they sped off. The shooter was wearing a brown sweater and he had a beanie, with long hair that came down to his shoulders.

30/04/2015 14:24

Who’s at fault? Dashcam video captures cop slamming into car at traffic light

Footage has appeared online of a three-car pile-up at a busy intersection in Sydney over the weekend involving a police car.

Video of the incident was posted online to Dash Cam Owners Australia’s YouTube account with the title, Police Car causes 3 car Crash, shows a red hatchback car pull up at an amber light.

A silver car behind follows suit but the officer driving the police van behind it appears not to notice the cars have stopped and slams straight into the back of the queue.

The video has drawn hundreds of comments from viewers speculating about which driver was at fault, Ninemsn reports.

“Red hatch probably could have gone through the yellow light since silver car was following way too close. The cop didn’t even brake until the last second,” one comment read.

No-one was injured in the crash and an investigation is underway.

15/04/2015 09:13

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